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To Protect

Few aspects of construction were as impacted by the pandemic as safety operations. Not only did firms have to craft ways to protect workers, but also have the broader obligation of protecting local communities from the spread of the coronavirus. Members were successful in mitigating against occupational spread, in large part because of their engagement with AGC of America to share and learn about effective safety procedures, to participate in vital safety training programs and to engage in important activities, including two different national safety stand downs.

13,000 visited our COVID resource center on

AGC members used our COVID safety resources – including template written plans, scripted toolbox safety talks, the latest details about federal safety requirements and shareable safety tips – in English and Spanish – on how to protect workers.



participated in the AGC of America organized national coronavirus safety stand down. The event, the first of its kind, was designed to both reinforce new safety practices and to demonstrate to the public and public officials that the industry could successfully protect workers. No political official ordered any additional shutdowns of construction after the AGC organized April 9th stand down.


of construction safety professionals also attended two AGC of America virtual conferences in 2020 focused on construction safety. During these conferences, safety professionals shared their success stories, crowd-sourced new safety solutions, and got the latest information about how to operate, safely, amid the global pandemic.

2x National Construction Safety Week

Twice as many firms participated in 2020 National Construction Safety Week events and activities compared to 2019. AGC of America is a signature supporter of the national safety effort, and we worked aggressively to encourage firms to engage in the stand down, which was held in the fall of 2020.

21 firms
special grants

as part of a newly established AGC-Autodesk Safety Harness Program. These grants helped provide an estimated 22,000 workers – primarily women – with specially fitted safety harnesses.

650 construction

completed the AGC of America organized crane safety program in 2020. This program, funded by a federal Susan Harwood training grant the association secured, helps address one of the primary construction safety hazards.

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